10 Star Wars facts you didn’t know

No matter how big of a star wars fan you are, there is still probably a few facts about the franchise you didn’t know.
I’m Gavin and here are 10 star wars facts you didn’t know.

1) E.T.
In the Phantom Menace there is a shot where there are 3 aliens the species of E.T. this is a thing George Lucas did because of Steven Spielberg’s movie E.T.

2) Only men
In the original trilogy there are many women in the rebellion. But there are no female fighter pilots. They were originally in the screenplay but were removed from the finale cut.

3) Monkey Yoda
George Lucas originally was going to use a monkey with a mask and cane for Yoda instead of a puppet

4) Vader Jr.
The end of Return of the Jedi almost had an ending where Luke picked up Vader’s helmet and said “Now I am Vader”.

5) Qui-Gon’s communicator
Did you know that Qui-Gon’s communicator in the Phantom Menace was actually just a razor

6) The TIE fighter engine
The TIE fighter engine in the original trilogy is a combination of a car engine and an elephant.

7) Ewoks and Palpatine
Did you know that the words Palpatine and Ewoks are never spoken in the original trilogy.

8) Furry Jabba
Originally Jabba the Hut was going to be furry alien but they decided to make him a big slime ball

9) Choppy tauntauns
Empire Strikes Back has the most stop motion than any other Star Wars film.

Did you know that the AT-ATs and Tauntauns were all stop motion

10) A sad ending
At first Han was going to die at the end of Return of the Jedi,
but George Lucas was more interested in selling toys so he scrapped that idea

So that’s my list,
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Thanks everyone, may the force be with you.

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