5 Fun Facts About Spider-Man You Didn’t Know

Hey everyone I’m Gavin welcome to the film insider, today I’m going to give you 5 fun facts about Spider man you didn’t know

5- Spider-man’s Webbing in the Comics only last 1 hour, which is a very little amount for the amount of time he fights crime.

4- Peter Parker’s parents are actually spies this is Revealed in the 1968 spider-man comic

3- While Peter’s mom was pregnant his parents Rescued Wolverine, saving his life

2- Peter Parker’s middle name was Ben the same name as his Uncle

1- Peter eventually got so tired of being Spider-man that he tried to get rid of his powers but he failed and grew 6 extra arms. Then turned into a man spider.

So there you have it 5 super fun facts about the web head. Don’t forget to Subscribe to my YouTube channel and I will see you later.

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